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Funnily I was talking to Dan about the new Playstation 3 virtual world called ‘Home’ today, and when I came home logged in, there was Gary Hayes pointing me to a 12 minute trip through it by Dave . Only released yesterday this is a very quick tour.

At first sight it is impressive.  It is a much more realistic world than Second Life; brilliant use of light and reflection. I have no idea how extensive it is but there is your own private base and then a Plaza with a Bowling Alley and Bar and Cinema.  All around are virtual games machines which you can play by downloading a mini-game.

Sony has taken its time releasing this, but it looks like it is worth the wait.  The only sad thing, really, that I noticed is that the world is peopled almost exclusively by young men.  I only saw one women in the whole demo. But that is Playstation for you.

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