FT November 20th: BBC 1 and 2 Live On Line 27th November

The UK is the European leader in social networking with 50% of the population using Facebook, BeBo and MySpace,  and a leader in on line lifestyle.  87% of the population is covered by high-speed mobile networks yet only 17% of mobile phones can access them; broadband take up sits at 60% of households.  86% have digital televisions and 30% have a digital video recorder like TIVo or Sky Plus.  And that all adds up to spending the most time online anywhere outside the US. It also leads to 19% of all advertising spend is now spent on line.

And the UK along with the US has the most people consuming television on line.  This will increase when BBC One and Two start to broadcast on line from 27th November.

All this and more in an article on the FT in 20th November.

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