Fox News Distortions

Lest anyone seriously believe that private capital is the only way to ensure freedom of the press or unbiased journalism, The Huffington Post gives ten examples of the worst news distortion by Fox. 

The one below edits a statement by Obama on healthcare so it looks like he is endorsing a ‘european style’ healthcare system when he is reading out a question about ‘european healthcare’. If the tape had not been edited, Obama would have gone on to say that he does not believe such a system is appropriate for the US.

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  1. You should link directly to the story, and not to the Huffington Post home page, because now I have utterly no way of finding the actual article, since it’s buried somewhere (who knows where) in the site.

  2. Stephen apologies: the Huffington Post link was generic and I thought I had put the specific link in to the post as well under ‘one’, but -as you point out- it is nowhere to be seen. I will try to remedy this but I have a lot of searching to do. Not my usual practice I can assure you!

  3. The correct link is now embedded.

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