First Post of 2011: Swimming in the Rain

There is something special about swimming in the rain.  Once you are in, the water takes on  a much more protective role than in the dry.  Somehow being under the water feels very safe and protected. You only get battered by the raindrops when you surface and take a breath.

Once you have finished swimming, and you step from the pool, the fact that you are wet means that walking in the rain is quite fun, and as long as it is warm, it is a pleasant experience making your way to the changing room or the shelter.

It is rather like change in organisations:  the status quo feels like the pool and the change is like the hammering rain, uncomfortable and difficult to manage.  It is only when you make the deliberate decision to get out of the water that you realise that the rain is actually quite comfortable.  Change like rain is always worse looking at it from the outside than it is when you are in the middle of the process.

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