Why is Facebook so popular?  It was only last September that it stopped being a site for students only but now the world and his wife has a Facebook site and wants to be your friend.  Is it simply the power of viral marketing demonstrating itself before your very eyes?

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  1. Well it is one of those interesting sites that is another way of interacting with others – and fortunately not everyone wants to be your friend. For some people, it has now become their preferred method of being contacted.

    PS The best thing about Facebook is the 3rd Party applications. Playing Scrabble with your friends is a lot of fun especially if you win 🙂

  2. Hi Nigel. I have to agree with Sue – it’s the Scrabble that keeps me coming back!

    I have some concerns about the default "privacy" settings but I think they can be ironed out.

    It’s fascinating watching it spread and looking at what works, what doesn’t etc.

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