Eric Schmidt in Paris

You can watch Google’s CEO recent Paris press conference here .  Part of the fun is hearing Google’s vision for the next big thing(s).

Buzz points:

  • integrated search for objects, images, text and people
  • increasing use of personal search (iGoogle) so that the gap between ‘what I want, and what I type’ closes. 
  • Increasing translation of books to share the ideas 
  • Moving to search, ads and apps: all integrated. 
  • The next generation of Google Apps will be designed for sharing and co-contributions.
  • What will all of this access to information do to our privacy laws?

The future of Google is based on partnerships and that is why they will be sucessful in future.


What will the next bilion people who come on line going to do? 

How will they remain powerful?

Are we creating new haves and have nots as many still cannot come on line.

BUT 2.3 – 2.4 billion mobile phone users:  20 years for the first billion;  4 years for the second billion, and a predicted 2 years for the 3rd  billion.

Google will do its best to get information to everyone, everywhere.

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