Education in a Digital World

The Commonwealth of Learning (COL) has recently released a massive tomb (over 500 pages of text) called Education in a Digital World.  You can read about it here.  It has five parts:

Part 1: The Impact of Instructional Technologies
Part 2: Preparing Online Courses
Part 3: Implementing Technology
Part 4: E-learning in Action
Part 5: Engagement and Communication

And what is more, if you want to download it you can, for free.  The entire book is available or you can download the separate parts.  And what most impressed me was the fact that every chapter has a little synopisis and these are collected together in the first 5 pages of the book so you can check out out sections before deciding what, if anything, you want to download.  What a friendly, generous model. And this is a serious book written by a high-powered team from around the world and edited by Dr David G Harper of the University College of the Fraser Valley, Canada

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