Dave Carroll’s United Breaks Guitars

I know this has been posted everywhere for a few months but it is still worth sharing for those that have not seen it yet. The story is simple, a band travelling from to Nabraska from Halifax Nova Scotia via Chicago on United Aiirlines. Dave Carroll the leader of the band had one much loved Taylor guitar trashed by United baggage handlers in Chicago in full view of the passengers.  United denied any liability.  So Dave wrote a song about it.

In itself, it is worth watching because the guy can write a good song, but it more importantly dramatically illustrates the power of social media.  The unquestionable damage done to United’s reputation, far outweighs the cost of owning up and fixing the guitar in the first place.  But why worry about a guy from a band hardly anyone has heard of?? This video is the answer.  You have to think twice about the claims you squash because you have the power and, hey, they are just the customer!  Anyway judge for yourself.

The final irony is that United have asked (according to e Mint) permission to use the YouTube song as part of their staff training.

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  1. Nigel,
    Excellent choice to post this video!
    This is an excellent example of the power of social media (the power of the users content, voice and opinion) and how companies don’t have choice to be or not in the web. This choice is maid by the costumers.

    For that reason, I believe that as soon as the companies get into internet and social media, better for them! Be proactive, in this case, it is much better than to be remedy!

  2. Excellent!! If only we all took similar action against these conglomerates when we have a grievance. Pretty soon they’d clean up their act.

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