Cross Training the Brain

My continuing saga about personal trainers for the brain got a little boost in the current edition of BOSS magazine.  An article supports the idea of keeping the brain mentally tuned and fit.  It cites Elkhonon Goldberg a professor of neurology at New York University who invites particpants to his Mind Gym for an hour three times a week for a customised programme of exercises. The article adds:

‘Seeking out new challenges, particularly in areas very different from our everyday work activities, enhances creative thinking skills, taking us out of the established patterns that our brains slip into in daily work.’

The article adds that it is not just exercise but diet and calmness PLUS exercise gives your brain the best chance.  Could not agree more.  By the way it gives a web ref to mindtools for tests and exertcises.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Today since morning I have been exercising my brain. And mind tools is one of the site I visited earlier to solve riddles, puzzles and problem solving games. Am making some courses on critical thinking and problem solving now and boy this is tiring. Enough of mental gymming today.

  2. The good news is that you do get better at it as your brain develops a bit of fitness.

  3. I agree Nigel but I want to draw your attentio to another aspect seemingly opposite but which enhances the quality of fitness much more. I also meditate daily and honestly after meditation the kind of clarity I get is amazing. I have been meditating since I was fifteen and later on this method:

    helped me to really go deeper. I have put the question and answer site as normally people are sceptical. I agree that with practice one becomes an expert at cracking at certain type of problems but the meditation helps getting the holistic view of the situations. There have been times when without looking for answers one gets the clue just being thoughtless. It looks strange but it happens. Maybe just like people get solutions from sub conscious while asleep. ell, thanks forstarting this thought process. See, even this is exercise, trying to figure out if this is the way to make the mind fit. Amazing lol the mind is thinking right now! What will mke it fit? Regards

  4. Try this one. I am still thinking what would be the answer.
    A man is sitting with two women, seemingly identical twins. One of the women always tells the truth, the other always lies, but the man does not know which one is which. The women have served him a pair of drinks, one of which contains a tasteless, odorless, but deadly poison, the other the cure for a fatal disease he has contracted. Before choosing which glass to drink, the man may ask one question of one of the women. Can you formulate a question that would guarantee the safety of the drink chosen?

  5. I am really over my head with creative an critical thinking. Seems too much of mental gymming is injurious to neurons!And no I don’t want to teach this silly problem solving in the courses but do I have a freakin choice? Don’t know if you figured out this one or not but anyway since I had posted the question might as well put the solution:
    Solution- The man will ask one of the women that “If I ask the other woman, which drink I should have? What would her answer be?” If the man asks the truth speaking woman she will tell the lying woman’s answer. In which case the answer will be wrong. If he asks the lying woman about what will be other woman’s answer, in any case she will lie and it will be wrong. So the man should choose the other drink than what the answer suggests.

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