BIG Ideas on E Learning

Just a few nuggets from my group on e Learning.  These are their important insights.

  • Share development costs with like industries
  • Choose the implementation team carefully
  • Think about rapid development tools as speed can be more important that having bells and whistles
  • Really engage with those that may be reluctant to embrace e Learning
  • Build a learning environment not just courses
  • Consider buying in first before sinking cost into development
  • Rebadge and brand to online offering
  • Work out how to work with your subject matter experts
  • Focus on contribution to business objectives
  • Make room for user generated content
  • Plan it all carefully at every stage
  • It is building and engaging in the whole community
  • Think about your own netiquette and share it before you launch your online community
  • The online bit should align with the whole of the L & D offering


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  1. love this list … ali

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