Being a Learning Leader

Learning Leaders are very important and increasingly important in their respective companies or public sector organisations.  That is why Elliott Masie and I are running a 3 day intensive boot camp for you in Saratoga in upper New York State. It runs from March the 10th – 12th 2008 and is called the Learning Leaders Academy.  If you want to register, there are places available and you can do it all on line here .  If you want to discuss it then email me.  We would love to have you on board


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  1. Hi Nigel,

    I’m fascinated by the last set on your Learning Leaders event. Whilst I don’t want to make you steal your own thunder I am intrigued by the "disruptive trend" for Democratisation of Content.

    I know it would be all to easy to get too philospohical – and I’m no Politics graduate – but can’t help thinking that effective democracy demands real and actual participation from the people for the people (to coin a phrase).

    I would have to declare myself an advocate for democratised content – anything that is a step to greater engagement in learning through involving people in defining the outcomes, means and immersing themselves and others in the power of learning seems like a great approach.

    Surely democracy means having a say. And that is very importantto my mind.

    Perhaps your session is really less about democratisation amd more about anarchy? But even then is syndicalised anarchy a bad thing?

    The problem you are are try to solve is probably more important than the solution you decide to employ.

    So, is it time for RealPolitik when it comes to content creation…?

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