ASTD: State of the Industry 2007

ASTD’s annual report on the state of the industry is now out as a pdf. (It also gets mailed to all members).  Not many revolutionary changes from last year apart from the obvious:  technology use UP and budgets slightly UP.  Still makes great reading. But you need to be one of ASTD’s 70,000 members to get hold of it.  Highlights for me were that  spending per employee was up slightly t0 2.33% of salary, and closer to 3% for ASTD’s BEST organisations.  And the staggering total of  expenditure  across the board on learning and development in the US is $129.6  billion of which about  $49.75 billion is spent outside the organisaiton on external providers/consultants/coaches etc.  That is a greater budget than the  US Government  investment in Higher Education!TDM071102.jpg

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