As Seen in the 90s

AT&T ran a series of Ads in the early 1990s predicting our technological future, with the tag like:  “One company will bring this to you:  AT&T”.

The predictions are spookily accurate:  Sat Navs, mobile computing, eTags for tolls, video phones, medical records on a chip etc.  What is surprising, is that the one piece of the future that AT&T managed to overlook was that all of these innovations would be brought to us by any number of companies, apart from AT&T that is!

The one thing they could not predict was their own demise into a pretty unimpressive telecoms company.  And first hand experience of their genius in the US, using my iPhone, has not been good.  Patchy 3G coverage and, even, patchy cellular coverage.  I managed to be outside their network entirely for 3 days when I dared to venture outside the big cities. Check the three Ads out below and thank you Fast Company for digging this up and doing all the hard work.

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