Are You a Ninger?

Good old Jay Cross and his wonderful internet time blog.   He has come across Ning! as a social networking forum and set up his own group.   I agree with him that Ning is less fiddly than Google Groups and more welcoming but there were the usual set up hassles that are totally unnesessary. For example they said choose a Ning ID of 6 letters or more.  I did.  They said, no, cannot accept that, ID it must be 6 letters or more.  Input a second 6 letter ID. No please input an ID of 6 letters or more…exasperation.  Plus it assumes you are American unless you go back in and edit your profile and tell them otherwise.  Not very global! But nicely designed and it seems to work.  Back to you Jay. What else do you want me to look at!!!

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  1. Hi Nigel,

    I had the same problem with a user ID. How did you join in the end?


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