All Wrapped Up and Nowhere to Go

I am sitting amongst a mountain of boxes and bubble pack.  My house looks like a giant lego board with none of the bricks connected.  My life is wrapped up waiting for the container tomorrow and shipping to Australia.  When my ‘things’ go, that will be the last I see of them for 8 weeks when they mysteriously pop up in Melbourne and the process is reversed. I will embark on voyage of discovery, that day, looking in amazement and wonder at objects I have totally forgotten I ever owned.  I will look at boxes and wires in wonder,  and try to dig from the depths of my consciousness how on earth they were once connected and functionning.892710-786578-thumbnail.jpg

 What I learned today:  how comfortable it is to be surrounded by familiar things and how hollow life feels sitting in an empty room.  BUT also just how little we really need to function perfectly well.  For me a laptop and broadband are quite high on the list;  above saucepans and even a TV.  But that means radio is available too as it is, of course, streamed. Take that away and the walls echo: empty.

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  1. I started a new job yesterday and am a bit keen to make my desk my own space – given that i’ll be here for more hours than i’m at home and it got me thinking about precious things to me … will i post up the tea towell signed by my abc mates on the pin up board? will i bring in the tiger iron sphere that my dad made to remind me about grounded creativity?
    looking forward to giving you itineraries for trips around western australia … good onya!

  2. So… you are moving to Melbourne?! Cool.
    CB x

    (But Perth is better)

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