ABC Values

Today Mark Scott the MD of the ABC launched the media company’s values at a staff conference for the top 200 leaders in the ABC.

They are:

ABC Values

The ABC is an independent media organisation for all Australians. Our values are the foundation of our work.

Integrity We act with trustworthiness, honesty and fairness. We deliver on our commitments and are accountable.
Respect We treat our audiences and each other with consideration and dignity. We embrace diversity.
Collegiality We work together willingly. We cooperate and share in the ABC’s challenges and successes.
Innovation We foster creativity and distinctiveness. We encourage new thinking and strive to achieve quality in all that we do.

If the ABC had added a ONE ABC value:  ‘great things happen when we work together’ we could be back in the heady days of 2002 when the BBC launched its values at a similar leaders’ conference.

So please Mark Scott MD of the ABC, make them actually mean something in terms of behaviour, processes and organisaitonal culture.

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