A Few Unsung Heros

It is quite difficult to get established in an unfamiliar place:  all the normal routes for action are blocked or slightly circuitous. It is a good process to go through; to be taken out of your comfort zone and try to work it all out again.  I am doing what thousands of people are doing every day all over the world.But it often feels pretty lonely.  But this is my personal thanks to the people who made it easier and bent the rules to make it happen.  There is an equal and opposite list, but we won’t go there!

First Mr Lee in North Carlton Post Office. He takes my mail very seriously and I get little notes in the mailbox to explain what is going on.  Slightly different from my experiences with the great UK Post Office who appear not to give a damn.

Meredith at Flight Centre who has been unfailingly friendly and has patiently put up with my chopping and changing of itineraries -sometimes on a daily basis- and just never hassled when the pressure is on and she needs a decision and I need 24 hours! 

Peter Mason who has supervised the never ending list of works on the house as we find more and more that needs to be done and is coolness personified with a network of some of the best (and therefore busiest) trades people I have ever come across. Gordon and Paul, in particular, have been wonderful.  He is the man with a permanent plan B and when one avenue fails, always finds another and a back-up. And when all else fails, he rolls up his sleeves and gets stuck in.

Steve in the Vodafone shop who got me a mobile phone that is my lifeblood in spite of my not being able to provide two utility bills (or any for that matter!)

And Rhondaand Laura at Westpac who were both  get it done people. As soon as they started talking I could relax and know that this was action and progress at last. 


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