5 Things Meme

I have been asked byDonald Taylor , who in turn was asked by Clive Shepherd

to list 5 things that people do not know about me. This meme has been running all over the internet.

1. One of Donald’s favourite songs, so famous that it is part of his Desert Island list is "Another Girl Another Planet" by the Only Ones (1976 – 1981).  Not only is that one of my favourite songs and on all of my iPods but I was at school with Pete Perrett the lead singer, song writer and general genius.  Whatever happened to him? Nobody knows about Pete and me (probably not even Pete himself!)

2. I love West Ham United and am a season ticket holder. I had no choice really as the support goes back three generations and my Father’s family grew up around the East End.  All away now. Although I have long phone coversations with my Uncle about WHUFC and its ups and downs.  He actually lives in Cornwall now.

3. My claim to fame on the terraces is that my grandfather sold his house in East Ham to the West Ham goalkeeper, Harry Medhurst, in 1945.  He got a bargain as it only cost £500 (in cash). It had been bombed 3 times in the WWII so my grandfather, fed up with doing the repairs, abandoned East Ham for Reading.

4. I was once nominated as one of  the 100 most likely to suceed in Scotland list by The Glasgow Herald or Scotland on Sunday many, many years ago.  What went wrong?

5. I am a Thyne Scholar. I was nominated in 1984 and was sent to Australia and Canada.  That trip changed my life. I spent about 8 weeks away most of which was spent in Australia.  I have visited Australia at least once per year ever since. I love the place.

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