39 WiFi Channels and Nothing Works

To parody the immortal Springsteen and look at the new world!  I turned on my laptop in my very average mid-town hotel in New York City, to discover 39, no 42, no 36, Wi Fi hot spots jumping all over the place on my Mac Wireless widget called ‘wireless radar’. Paradise, I  thought, until I tried to log on. Even after I had parted with $10, I had drop outs, and snail like pace, and although mail would come, it wouldn’t go anywhere apart from my outbox. 

I found myself reflecting about the old days of 803.11b when WiFi pioneers had few hot spots to share but they all worked and they were all free. Then I realised I was sounding like my " why would I want 30 TV channels" mother.  Back to reality and back to a more optimistic future.

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