Nigel Paine - The Learning Challenge

Work is changing

Does the stock market fully value intangibles?

This is an indepth, academic paper looking at the link between employee engagement and company performance on the stock market.

Reading time: 45 minutes

Daniel Goleman explains emotional intelligence

Daniel Goleman talks through the concept of emotional intelligence, the five required skill sets, and why it is important in the workplace.

Watching time: 26 minutes

Martin Seligman on positive psychology

Father of positive psychology, Martin Seligman explains exactly what it is . . .

Watching time: 4 minutes

Resonant leadership

So what is leadership now? An interesting view on the skills leaders need in 2014 and beyond.

Reading time: 4 minutes

The company of the future

Some of these predictions are already coming true –  a good set of predictions that are grounded in reality ie they are not far-fetched.

Reading time: 4 minutes

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