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Measuring impact

Slowly, steadily measuring impact

Research of CLOs in the US shows their ability to effectively measure learning is limited by a lack of resources, an inability to bring data together from different functions, a lack of management support and a lack of funding. This article looks at the barriers and also suggests ways to demonstrate the impact of learning.

Reading time: 6 minutes

Analytics beyond Kirkpatrick

According to Alan Bellinger, executive consultant to the LPI, at the heart of measuring the impact of L&D is whether you approach it with a training mindset, or a performance mindset. Accept learning is a process, not an event and you start to look at performance. This, in turn, enables you to link the impact of learning to talent management.

Reading time: 10 minutes

Workplace learning evaluation: a conceptual model and framework

Richard Paul Griffin, associate Director at theInstitute of Vocational Education, London SouthBank University, London,UK sets out a post-Kirkpatrick model for workplace learning evaluation and provides some example measures.

Reading time: 9 minutes

An excerpt from the success case method – find out quickly what’s working and what’s not

This excerpt from Robert Brinkerhoff’s The Success Case Method Find Out Quickly What’s Working and What’s not outlines how the success case method works and provides real world examples including learning interventions.

Reading time: 33 minutes

Total Value Add: A New Approach to Evaluating Learning & Development (link:

This is a huge book in a few pages. Clear analysis of learning evaluation and a who’s who of practitioners. Great summaries and a useful bibliography.

Reading time: 60 minutes

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