Rolling Stone Magazine Seeks a Younger Readership!

Forgive this cross-posting but I loved it! Rolling Stone broke the news about the leak of an excerpt from U2’s new single:  Get on Your Boots on iTunes. U2 promptly responded by releasing the whole of the single on their website. Check it out here.

In the Rolling Stone website commentary on this story, I loved Agnes’ posting:

Great Dance Track | 1/23/2009, 9:59 am EST

Hi My name is Agnes.

And at the senior center we bring
in songs to dance to and Betty
brought in this U2 song that her daughter had been playing and we
mature folk have been dancing something silly to this new song
I hope there whole record is like this we are having a blast.
Keep up the good work u2 these
are some nice boys making great
dance music and everyone should
not post anything but nice comments
about these wonderful boys who
bring a little fun to the senior

Get Your Go Go Boots on and disco dance like its 1976

U2 simply appeals to new audiences again and again!  I would love to meet Agnes.

For your information, the single is released onto iTunes in mid-February and the new album: No Line on the Horizon is released in five formats in early March. U2 are putting up a spirited battle against the dominance of down-loading, not by refusing to play ball, but by offering some really terrific alternative packages to the  vanilla CD.  Well done U2.  You really do pays your money here and takes your choice.

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