Building Leadership Development Programmes

Building Leadership Development Programmes is available in all good bookshops! and you can buy online here

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The Book is Finally Out and About

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Learning Perspectives 2011

eBook – The Masie Center

“Welcome to our latest eBook, Learning Perspectives 2011. We are publishing this book in conjunction with Learning 2011 to extend the conversation about the future of learning and reflect on a wide range of views and experiences.

“This year, we’ve reached out to the 30 Under 30 Team for Learning 2011, a group of rising learning leaders in their twenties, to write short articles on how they view the changing world of learning. We are proud to include 25 of those articles that cover the map from training tips to technology trends.

“In addition, the new Chief Learning Officer of The MASIE Center & Learning CONSORTIUM, Bob Baker, has developed a provocative perspective on how The Checklist Manifesto might be applied to the world of learning and development. Clearly, checklists can play a critical role in how organizations push for quality and eliminate costly errors. Bob’s article will stimulate great conversations at Learning 2011 and in the field about the future of checklists for performance and, in particular, within a Workplace GPS model.

“Also, Nigel Paine, one of our MASIE Learning Fellows, has written an essay entitled “Why Learning is Out of Control in Most Successful Companies”. Nigel’s perspectives on learning are read around the world, and he continues to add value to the dialogue about changing issues in our field.”

Download a PDF of Learning Perspectives 2011

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Learning Strategies

Learning Strategies is a new, open-source eBook from The MASIE Center, focused on how organizations are clarifying, refining, expanding and updating their strategies to deal with:

• Changing Workplaces
• Changing Workforces
• Changing Business Realities
• Changing Learning Technologies
• Changing Learning Governance
• Changing Assumptions
• Changing Career Paths
• Changing Competency & Talent Models
• Changing Agility

This eBook will give you diverse perspectives on ways in which organizations are approaching these changes and the ways in which they are refining, articulating and implementing evolving Learning Strategies.

Learning Strategies – Download the full PDF

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Learning Perspectives 2010 Masie Center

By Nigel Paine and Elliott Masie.

What an exciting time it is in the world of learning! As technologies evolve, businesses and marketplaces change and career assumptions radically shift, we face large-scale learning challenges and changes. Learning Perspectives 2010 is an open source book – in both digital and print format – written by colleagues of The MASIE Center and The Learning CONSORTIUM.

We asked a diverse cross-section of learning leaders, including members of our 30 Under 30 program for Learning 2010, to write their perspectives about changes in the learning field.

Download Learning Perspectives 2010 PDF

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